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Sushi Lessons at home

Hello I'm Ayumi, owner of Japanese Kitchen.

I just want to share this simple delicious and beautiful meal from Japan with you!
I'll bring everything you need to your kitchen to create delicious sushi!

Fees: Up to 4 people (lesson approx. 90 mins) includes all ingredients,
utensils and take-away style sushi boxes that you've created yourself.

You will learn how to make several types of sushi including:

Nigiri: lesson point : basic rolling.

Hoso Maki: (thin roll)  lesson point: basic rolling skill

Futomaki: (thick roll) lesson point advanced rolling skill, inside out rolling you can put your own ingredients.

Gunkan:  lesson point to know another way of creating sushi.


I can provide high quality fresh fish from our local fish monger.

I'll travel to your kitchen! You don't need to prepare anything!

I'm covered by insurance under Japanese Kitchen Ltd.

If you are interested in booking or would like to discuss about sushi making please contact me:

Mobile no: 07922833403

Email :