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Japanese Pickled Vegetables

We sell a variety of Tsukemono or Japanese pickles. They are served with rice as a side dish and sometimes with drinks as a snack.


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Tsukemono lit. "pickled things" are Japanese pickles. They are served with rice as okazu (side dish), and sometimes with drinks as an otsumami (snacks).
The most common kinds are pickled in salt or brine. Soy sauce, miso, vinegar, rice bran (nuka), and sake lees (sake kasu) are also useful for pickling.
Takuan (daikon), umeboshi (ume plum), turnip, cucumber, and Chinese cabbage are among the favorites to be eaten with rice as an accompaniment to a meal. Beni shoga (red ginger) is used as a garnish on okonomiyaki, takoyaki and yakisoba. Gari (ginger) is used between dishes of sushi to cleanse the palate. Rakkyozuke (a type of onion) is often served with Japanese curry.
Traditionally, the Japanese prepared tsukemono themselves with a tsukemonoki. Pickling was one of the fundamental ways to preserve food. Nowadays, tsukemono can be readily bought in a supermarket, but despite this many Japanese still make their own. Typically, all that's needed to make pickles is a container, salt, and something to apply pressure on top of the pickles.

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