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Japanese Chopsticks

Japanese Kitchen stocks a small selection of disposable & wooden chopsticks.
Japanese chopsticks are short to medium length sticks that taper to a pointed end. Japanese chopsticks are traditionally made of wood and are lacquered. Some chopstick sets include two lengths of chopsticks: shorter ones for women and longer ones for men. Child-sized chopsticks are widely sold


Japanese chopsticks etiquette

* Food should not be transferred from one's own chopsticks to someone else's chopsticks. Japanese people will always offer their plate to transfer it directly, or pass a person's plate along if the distance is great. Transferring directly is how bones are passed as part of Japanese funeral rites.
* The pointed ends of the chopsticks should be placed on a chopstick rest when the chopsticks are not being used. However, when a chopstick rest is not available as it is often the case in restaurants using waribashi (disposable chopsticks), a person may make a chopstick rest by folding the paper case that contained the chopsticks.
* Reversing chopsticks to use the opposite clean end is commonly used to move food from a communal plate, although it is not considered to be proper manners.[citation needed] Rather, the group should ask for extra chopsticks to transfer food from a communal plate.
* Chopsticks should not be crossed on a table, as this symbolizes death, or vertically stuck in the rice, which is done during a funeral.
* It is rude to rub wooden chopsticks together after breaking them apart, as this communicates to the host that the user thinks the chopsticks are cheap.

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Pacific : Wooden Disposable Chopsticks with sleeves (1 pair)

Pacific : Wooden Disposable Chopsticks with sleeves (1 pair)£0.10

Wooden Disposable Chopsticks with sleeves. 1 pair.


Pacific : Wooden Disposable Chopsticks with sleeves (40 pairs)

Pacific : Wooden Disposable Chopsticks with sleeves (40 pairs)£1.99

Wooden Disposable Chopsticks with paper sleeves.